Lucatec® Atlantis - Paperless Claims Handling in the Shipping Trade

Take a Tour of Atlantis!

We have created a short online presentation to give you a first impression on what Atlantis can do for you. The presentation only shows the most commonly used features and runs for about 15 minutes. To view the demo you will need the Adobe Flash plugin which is available here.

Click on the banner below to see the demo. Please be patient while it loads. On a 64kbps ISDN line it will take about 4 minutes to load, much less if you're on broadband (e.g. DSL or cable).

Topics covered

  • Entering a new Cargo claim in no time
  • Quickly adding details to the claim
  • Printing a First Notice of Claim standard letter
  • Managing Incidents, Containers and Recourses
  • Searching for files
  • Managing Time Bars and File Reviews
  • Granting a Time Extension
  • Tracking Costs spent on a file
  • Keeping an eye on Deductibles
  • Managing reimbursements
  • Generating statistics on Costs
  • Attaching documents to files