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At Lucatec we currently offer you two ready-to-use software products of our own: Lucatec® Mask — an addin for Microsoft Outlook that simplifies work for teams and Atlantis — a software for paperless claims handling in the shipping industry.

Maybe one of these products is already the solution you have been looking for?

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We are offering bespoke software development solutions tailor-made to the needs and requirements of your organisation. You will benefit from our years of experience engineering real-world projects and will receive a solution that is guaranteed to be a perfect fit for you and your business: From planning to roll-out — we will happily create your new software as you imagine it.

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Software development involves the constant search for new impulses and solutions. Without testing and experimenting with new ideas, our work would be joyless. We would love to go deep with these ideas — and take you along for the journey — refining and adjusting these approaches. Take a look at our latest ideas and projects and participate with comments and votes and thus shape the direction of future development.

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