Lucatec® Atlantis: Paperless Claims Handling

The product Atlantis simplifies and accelerates the processing of claims by means of electronic files. Clearly structured data, their logical recording and consistent use improve not only the efficiency but also the quality of claims handling. Furthermore, short response times and a serviceable design of windows make Atlantis stand out.


Atlantis was designed with the aim to significantly improve the quality of claims handling. A team of experienced claims experts and EDP specialists having worked with database systems since 1984 has created a brand new application with the help of cutting-edge IT-technology. Since 1996 Atlantis has been proving its capabilities in the day-to-day business not only of shipowners' but also of P&I correspondents' offices.


As Atlantis runs on MS Windows Workstations and MS Windows Server it could be seamlessly integrated with most working environments. The use of client/server-technology based on the MS SQL Server database system provides a solid base for multi-user setup.

Connecting a branch office to the system via vpn or even via the internet (given the necessary security precautions) is perfectly possible. Atlantis limits its use of bandwidth to the necessary minimum only.


  • quick start of files
  • serviceable user interfaces
  • clearly structured processing of files
  • automatic file review
  • monitoring of time limits
  • efficient search mechanisms
  • numerous statistics
  • connection via ISDN, modem or internet
  • scalability
  • specific claims areas
  • ultra-fast response times
  • data export
  • individual extensibility
  • Addon for P&I Brokers
  • Addon for P&I Correspondents


New claims - captured in no time at all!

During the first telephone call in respect of a claim incident the claims handler starts a new file with only a few inputs. Having displayed a list of existing files while this first information is entered, the system allocates a file reference. If the voyage the incident relates to already exists, the incident can be filed under this voyage. Only a few details are required to complete various standard letters, which can also be send by e-mail. Using these standard letters, e.g. first notice of claim can be given to the insurers, and surveyors can be appointed immediately. As soon as a claim has been received, the insurers can be informed and the receipt of the claim can be confirmed to the claimants.

File review and time limits

Without the claims handler having to take care of this, the system automatically allocates a date for the file to be reviewed, so that there is no chance of it ever being forgotten. Only closed files no longer appear in the list of files to be reviewed. The claims handler can begin his or her day's work by looking at the files in the file review. Time limits for files requiring special action are monitored as well. Atlantis highlights these files. If time extensions have been granted, these are also monitored.

Search mechanisms

Various search criteria ensure fast and direct access to specific files, even if the file reference is unknown. Some examples of multiple search criteria are containers, insured subject-matter (vessel, lorry registration number, etc.), voyage numbers, insurers' and P&I correspondents' references and many more. The hits are listed in a window, allowing a preview to select the right file.

Types of claim

All data is shown in clearly structured windows, via which the file can be handled step by step, according to the course of events. As different data is important for different types of claim, there are special windows for each area. Cargo claims windows are different from those for crew claims or damage to hull claims. Various statistics are available for the different types of claim, which are constantly updated.


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