Your Very Own Software Solution from Lucatec

At Lucatec we're looking back at over 20 years of experience developing software. We will happily put that knowledge to good use by planning and creating your very own bespoke programming solution.

Based on your needs and always in close communication with you we design and implement your personal software. You receive exactly the application or interface that matches your vision and will really make your work easier.

Reap the benefits of bespoke software solutions over off-the-shelf software: Those will often either solve just part of your problem or provide so much functionality on top of your core requirements that it makes work unnecessarily complicated regardless.

Bespoke Software is Our Specialty

We are especially well-versed when it comes to the following topics:

  • Microsoft Office Automation
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Web Services / Software as a Service ("SaaS")
  • Data Conversion
  • Process Automation
  • Software Licensing
  • Mobile Appplications
  • Database Applications (MSSQL)
  • Developer Tools

Those are just the areas we have historically spent the most time with. If your vision touches on things not listed above, don't hesitate to contact us anyway and we'll give you an honest assessment of our ability to provide you with a viable solution.

Microsoft Office Automation and Applications Interacting With Microsoft Exchange Server

Being a Microsoft Silver Partner we have a special affinity to creating solutions that make your life easier in regards to working with products from the Microsoft Office product family.

We have created numerous addins for Microsoft Outlook for our customers, e.g. productivity enhancements for helpdesk teams or advanced management of Out-of-Office states or synchronising team appointments between calenders.

A letter wizard addin we created allows one of our customers to quickly create new Microsoft Word documents with various Corporate Identity letter heads and dynamically filled out contact information.

Being an example for a  Microsoft Exchange Server solution one of our customers asked us to implement a service application that automatically routes incoming mails containing technical specs related to current assignments to a highly specialised ERP-system.

Web Services

Especially with the increasingly mobile modern workplace, distributed systems of tailor-made Web Services and custom client apps are getting more an more ubiquitous. This often results in a significant increase in process and work efficiency.

For example, we recently implemented a set of tools and services for a customer providing password-self-service functionality to field workers, as part of a larger effort aiming to comply with the EU's new GDPR.

Data Conversion

Data is every business' prime capital. Thus, every enterprise has not only a legal but also a fiscal interest in maintaining an protecting their data. No company wants to lose them, e.g. as a result of upgrading to newer software.

To counter potential loss of data in such situations, we already created several utility programs that allowed our customers to carry over data from legacy applications to newer or more competitive successors.

Another common problem is duplicate content in multiple indispensable systems a company needs to work with. If this is a challenge that you're also facing, it wouldn't be the first time for us creating a solution for live or on-demand synchronisation between systems, e.g. keeping contact data in sync between Microsoft Outlook and various ERP systems.

Process Automation

Especially in the area of business processes there is a lot of benefit in automation. Oftentimes a seeminly small utility is a all it takes to save a lot of time and nerves. Many reoccurring workflows can be automated and simplified, e.g. with tools like our acclaimed Outlook addin Lucatec® Mask or our upcoming Event Engine platform.

Database Applications

There are many database-centric vertical solutions you can buy off the shelf. However, the question remains whether these really address your specific needs and special requirements.

We can develop a matching solution for your business, as we have done in the past, e.g. for customers in the logistics and forwarding industry who used our software for creating and managing bills of lading, invoices and other transport documents.

Finally, with Atlantis we have vertical solution for the P&I shipping industry, enabling customers around the world to perform paperless claims handling.

We'd love to develop your solution as well. Based on your visions and needs.

Other Areas of Expertise

Besides the areas mentioned above we also have experience with software licensing, as well as mobile applications and developer utilities.

We have implemented integrations with various licensing frameworks, both hardware- and software-based.

We can also assist you in mobile app creation. Field workers, travelling sales people and business leaders can greatly optimise their operating processes by means of mobile access.

For example, we designed an app to interface with mobile printers to allow door-to-door grocery sellers to print invoices and check article availabilities right on the spot.

We've also created a number of developer utilities over the years, both for optimising in-house processes but also for making other developers' lives easier. We bring special in-depth experience with all things version control, both centralised and distributed. We're also no strangers to developing components/widgets and IDE extensions.

Write to us if you have any questions about our abilities. We'll be happy to help you.

Make Use of Our Know-How in Software Development

Diving deeper into the specific technologies and third-party products commonly used in our projects, you too can benefit from our extensive experience with the following (and more):

  • .NET - Framework (C#, ASP.NET, ...)
  • Embarcadero Delphi
  • Scripting (PHP, Python, PowerShell, JavaScript, ...)
  • Java
  • Microsoft Windows APIs
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Android
  • Azure
  • Visual studio Team Services ("VSTS")
  • git
  • trac
  • nextCloud
  • WordPress
  • Joomla

Utilise our know-how with using and extending these products and environments to let us program your bespoke software solution or interface. Even if a tailor-made solution at first glance is more costly than shrinkwrapped products, there are a lot of advantages for your and your co-workers.

Your Benefits of Tailor-Made Software At A Glance

  • No superfluous functionality
  • Accurate mapping of individual operating processes
  • Software tailor-made to fit your specific needs
  • Easily adaptable to new challenges
  • No hidden follow-up costs

Lucatec: Your Partner For Bespoke Software Development

We would love to make our knowledge and experience work for you to design and implement your custom-made software solution or interface to third-party products.

Do you have questions about our services? Do you already have an idea you would like us to discuss and implement with you? Then don't hesitate to call or write to us using the following form:

Write to us about your project vision


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